Nashville-based.  Oregon-born.  Songwriter.  Instrumentalist.  Producer.  Composer.  Guy with a beard.


Hey everybody, please take 3 minutes out of your day - I KNOW YOU'RE BUSY! to watch this stunning video from my friends at Western Rivers Conservancy.  Think about chipping in - at least a latté's worth - to save one of the most beautiful and ecologically important waterways in the Pacific Northwest.  It takes a lot of money to make positive and lasting change like this - but here's our chance to be a part of something big and powerful right NOW.


Kai's new EP "Perpetually Out Of Fashion" is now AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE.  Get it at iTunes and all the usual music download portals, or buy the CD or download direct from right HERE.  It is also available on OUR FAVORITE musician's platform: Bandcamp.  

New videos for Music For Wild Places are up.  Watch the videos and learn more about our music-rafting adventures HERE.

This November in Nashville, Kai is scoring two films and producing two records, so there is a lot of music being made.

Alongside Heather Robb (of The Spring Standards), Kai recently wrote and recorded a score for the film "Paradise, FL", which will be in film festivals everywhere this year.  Hear the music.

Music For Wild Places trips were SOLD OUT for July & August.  Don't miss your chance.  Next summer, take a pass on the tourist trap in Mexico or the spendy few nights in the big city, and enjoy your vacation time on an extravagant guided Music-Rafting-Adventure in the Pacific Northwest.  

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"Kai Welch is perfectly capable of writing and producing his own stuff, and even playing every instrument the tracks require. Which is why it’s so surprising he hasn’t released more solo projects. Following a fairly nomadic and bohemian youth and young adulthood, he’s spent sizable chunks of his Nashville tenure collaborating with others, including Abigail Washburn, Bobby Bare Jr., Megan Keely, Brittany Haas and The Greencards. So it’s about damn time that Welch got his Perpetually Out of Fashion EP out there. Its five songs range from picturesque folk to insinuating AM pop, which is, when you think about it, quite a distance for one guy to cover. What makes the EP a deeply pleasing affair is the unfettered imagination and profound flexibility he brings to each form." — Jewly Hight, The Nashville Scene